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Keep Sowing Seed: That You Might Save Some

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Outreach after Outreach

I can think back to my teenage years when my previous home-town church would place plenty of effort into doing open-air outreaches. We would go to the church an hour and a half before the outreach started; helping each other pack all the equipment needed to make it a successful witnessing opportunity. We would go to the extent of lugging everything from a bulky sound system and wooden speakers to a utility trailer and lawn chairs. The utility trailer was our “stage” by the way. It wasn’t the most level stage, nor the most ostentatious display, but I’m sure our effort placed a smile on our Heavenly Father’s face. 

Once we arrived at our outreach location, we would even grill out hotdogs and give away free bottled water along with the hotdogs. Advertisements were sent out beforehand promoting free food and a chance for one fortunate person to receive a cash prize. 

Every so often curious onlookers would walk by, astonished and ask volunteers 

“why are you guys doing this?” “what is this for?”

This would frequently open up opportunities for conversation and prayer.

Every volunteer from the church would use all of their efforts, all of their gifts, and diverse evangelistic styles. Every effort was used to reach the residents of each outreach location.

At times our church would put in all of their effort and less than ten people would show up.

At times we would stretch out an invite for people to attend our 

church, and maybe one or two people would walk into the church building after the fact. 

The fact is everyone will be reached differently and at different times in their lives. Not everyone will commit their lives to Christ the first time you witness to them. However, through these outreaches we were able to lead some to Christ and pray for people; 

an opportunity we may have never had if we didn’t make an effort to reach out to them. Remember, as Christians we reach out, so that we might save some.

1 Corinthians 9:22 “To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”

We’re Only Spiritual Farmers Planting Seeds

We are only humble farmers. Growing up in a rural area there would often be talk about the crops. Farmers are persistently waiting for the right weather conditions; such as sunny dry days to get their 

equipment in the fields and for seeds to sprout effectively. In order to sow seed and win the lost we need to be willing to continuously go out into the field and sow seeds. Every “Spiritual Farmer” or “Soul Winner” needs to have an attitude of servanthood, obedience, and faith. These qualities are essential to the effectiveness of sowing and reaping. When going out into the field and planting seeds, we have faith in hopes of a harvest brought forth by God. 

It is crucial we are led by the Holy Spirit. God knows the condition of each person’s heart and whether it’s perfect timing to plant a seed. All we can do is present the gospel. Then, it’s between the recipient and God on whether the seed will be planted deep in their hearts or thrown out by worldly desires or rebuke. Furthermore, there are many workers in the field planting and watering seeds. The credit doesn’t go to only one worker. We are each assigned certain tasks to help bring forth a harvest. We are working, not for our self-gain, but to expand the kingdom of God and to give him all of the glory. Work selflessly, so that you might save some.

(Read 1 Corinthians 3:5—9)

Spiritual Farm Work: Unique Assignments for Unique Personalities

When it comes to serving in the kingdom of God, there’s an array of jobs to be completed in making sure there’s a mature crop for the harvest. Every person has strengths and weaknesses to help complete each other in the body of Christ. Don’t ever think to yourself that your abilities are not enough when it comes to reaching people. At the same time, don’t be prideful enough to think that you can tackle this task alone. We’re all in this together

(Cue Highschool Musical Theme Song—Cheesy I Know).

Each person in the body of Christ has special gifts, talents, and personalities that may intrigue the interest of certain non-believers. You will reach people other people can’t reach. God has placed you in certain geographical regions, in certain situations, and in this specific time period to reach the people around you. The biggest thing to remember is: we wouldn't have anything without God. Pray and ask God to help you work up the fallow ground. Be content with where God has placed you in this season. Reach people right where you are, so that you might save some.

(Read Romans 12:4-5)

Being a Fruitful Farmer

Be a fruitful farmer by cultivating the fruits of the spirit within your own life. Keep yourself in check and guard for any foxes that try to creep up in your heart and spoil the vine and prevent it from blossoming. There needs to be fruits of the Spirit present to lead a life of authenticity and attract the unsaved. Your walk with God should be prevalent, not docile. Your relationship with Christ should stir up curiosity in others. You will be known by your fruit or lack of fruit. Cultivate the fruits of the Spirit in your life, so that you might save some.

(Read Matthew 7:15-20)

Multiplying: Sharing with Others

“Be fruitful and multiply” isn’t just a physical command, it’s a spiritual command as well. We share Christ with others so that some might be saved. When we are sharing the gospel and someone decides to receive salvation, God’s kingdom is being multiplied. If you have knowledge of Christ, but don’t use your giftings to edify the body of Christ or reach the lost, your knowledge is unfruitful.

For instance, a person is studying for ten years to become a surgeon who saves people’s lives. He obtains skills and knowledge to become a certified surgeon. Subsequently, after graduation he decides to keep all the valuable knowledge to himself and work at a fast-food joint for the next twenty years. Thus, his life-saving knowledge is useless. Sounds ridiculous right? The point I’m trying to illustrate is don’t hide the knowledge of Christ within yourselves. Share the knowledge of Christ you’ve gained and be multiplied, so that you might save some.

(Read Genesis 1:28)

Take a Look at How God Used These People

· Peter: An uneducated fisherman, rough in speech and demeanor.

· Paul: A persecutor of Christians and scholar educated in the oral traditions of the pharisees.

· Matthew: A tax collector despised by much of the first-century Jewish Population.

· The Samaritan Woman: An immoral woman despised because of her race and lifestyle

· The Blind Man: A beggar pitied by all who passed his way.

· Dorcas (Tabitha): A simple woman respected because of her good deeds.

No matter what background you came from, God is willing to save all, change all, and use all who are willing to be used. All of the people mentioned used different evangelistic styles so that they might save some.

· Peter: confrontational

· Paul: intellectual

· Matthew: relational/interpersonal

· The Samaritan Woman: invitational

· The Blind Man: testimonial

· Dorcas (Tabitha): serving

Witnessing may seem awkward at first, because people place pressure on themselves to provide all the answers or to witness like someone else, they know. Someone else’s evangelistic style may not represent your evangelistic style. It may be uncomfortable at first simply because they haven’t worked out their witnessing skills. Remember, practice makes perfect. Be conscientious in making witnessing a part of your day-to-day life. You may possibly never get up on a platform and preach. However, you can give your testimony to a co-worker or invite your neighbor to church. Ask God for boldness to step out to use your unique gifts and personality, so that some might be saved.

Kacy Cunnington, Co-founder of Redemption Project Ministries

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