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Jordan Cunnington

Jordan Cunnington is an Evangelist who travels throughout the United States and ministers to churches everywhere. Not only is he ministering in the United States, but God has called him to go to the nations with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Jordan often brings his personal message of redemption. Thus, sharing how God rescued him from the gates of suicide and led him to salvation. He used to be bound by the chains of fear, anxiety, and depression. Nevertheless, being set free, Jordan teaches how God has a story of redemption for everyone.


As a Pastor's son, with ministry experience under the tutelage of his Father; Jordan understands the difficulties that comes with serving within the church. Along with the need for refreshing and re-filling from the Holy Spirit. Jordan has a heart for the lost to be saved and for the church to be rekindled by the fire of God. Jordan believes allowing the presence of God to work in the lives of people, will ultimately revive the church and set the captives free. 

Jordan earned his Bachelors in Bible and Theology from Global University. Furthermore, Jordan is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God and co-founder of Redemption Project Ministries, along with his wife Kacy.